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Busy with Other Things…

May 17, 2020
© Jim Miller – Feeding Clouded Skipper (Lerema accius)

I’ve been taking a break from the blog. I wish it were good things. I’m glad it wasn’t for bad things. It has just been things.

I have been working in earnest at reducing my backlog with some significant success. As I wrote this post this Sunday morning I have now gone through and harvest images from 97 of my photo shoots. Leaving a mere 165 left to go.

I found in some cases I had previously finished harvesting the shoot, meaning it was just bad bookkeeping on my part. In some cases I had started to work on them at some point and then stopped, meaning that there wasn’t that much work to do. In other cases I had not touched the shoot, meaning that I had much work to do.

My goal for the year was getting my 1,000th image into the portfolio. I cleared that hurdle earlier this month. Which sounds like it is time to set a new goal.

I still have not been back in the field to shoot. Covid-19 restrictions have kept me at home for the most part. I’m hoping maybe next weekend I will go out for at least a little while. Colorado’s current Safer at Home restrictions end after next weekend and word is that Rocky Mountain National Park may be open for business the following week. I really need to get back into the field.

I hope that you remain safe and well.

About the image:
Clouded Skipper butterfly (Lerema accius)
Bexar County, Texas – December 2012
Canon 60D, Canon 300mm f4 L w/1.4x teleconverter
ISO 400, 1/160 sec at f/11 – No Flash
Portfolio Image #0159
Image Size in Portfolio: 2624×3280

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