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2021 Texas Photo Swing – The Epilogue

March 16, 2021

I feel like I’m working off of a Tarantino movie script as I am writing (and publishing) my epilogue prior to any of the pieces of the story.  I guess I’m entitled to that level of editorial discretion as the author.

I’m sitting this morning at San Antonio International Airport, two days after I had expected to be sleeping in my own bed after my 2021 Texas Photo Swing.  Mother Nature, as she is prone to doing, has won again and has set my schedule for me.  Denver is still mostly digging out from two feet of snow as I write this.  Our flight Sunday afternoon was cancelled, so my traveling companion and I chose to stay an extra couple of days in San Antonio.  Our flight today has been delayed twice, giving me a chance to write this and proofread it.

This trip has been a good one.  A little more spaced out photographically than previous photographic adventures.  The weather has been good, but not great.  I shot a ton at Crescent Bend Nature Park for a couple of reasons, biggest of which was the way the Texas landscape was crushed by the freeze a few weeks back.  By the end of the trip, the landscape was getting green and the butterflies were coming out. In retrospect moving the trip out a couple of weeks might have given a little more variety in terms of photo locations.  But I really can’t complain.  Nor will I.

The trip was unique for me as this is the first time that I’ve shot with my traveling companion.  With previous traveling companions, photography was simply a “me” thing rather than an “us” thing. This experience has been far more satisfying.

My companion had also never shot in bird blinds before, so there was some mentoring and guiding along the way to make sure she was getting the most out of the experience.

She also had never been to Texas, other than for a short and not very happy time in her life when a medical emergency had her flying in under the cover of darkness and the extent of her travels were from the hospital to where she was lodged and very little else.  She said it would take a very special person to ever get her to come back to San Antonio.  I seem to have met that requirement.

As a preview of coming attractions, our shooting took us to the Rocking R6 Ranch near Laredo, La Lomita Wildlife Photography Ranch near Uvalde, the beaches and the Leona Turnbull Birding Center of Port Aransas, and multiple trips to Crescent Bend Nature Park in Schertz.  At least 50 bird species were seen throughout the trip.  Effectively there will be some life list adds, but that will take a review of the photos once I get home.

And speaking of the photos, I have a ton of them.  Shooting in RAW mode, I filled three 64 Gb memory cards, a 32 Gb memory card, and part of another 32 Gb memory card.  My shooting companion, shooting JPG, filled a 32 Gb card and most of a 64 Gb card.  As we head back to Colorado, there is but two 32 Gb cards left in the card wallet that don’t have any images on it.  If measured in quantity only, this was an awful successful trip.

But how was the quality?  Not a clue.  As I did with last year’s trip through Kansas, Nebraska, and Wyoming, I only brought a Chromebook with me.  Enough to catch email, transfer images to an external hard drive, and figure out where I should go next.  It is a new Chromebook (the previous one I had purchased in 2013), but definitely not enough to do any serious photo processing.  That will wait until I return home.

As will the blog posts about the individual shooting days. That will take some time. No, a lot of time. Missing two days of work this week will mean my next eight days at work will be long days in order to minimize the impact of my time off. Hopefully these posts can trickle through over the next few weeks.

About the Image:
Random Texas highway sign in Zavala County, Texas. iPhone.
Shot as a piece of a scavenger hunt for a friend in San Antonio (that he didn’t realize he was on)

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