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2022 Shooting Days 1 & 2: Island of O’ahu, Hawai’i

April 15, 2022
© Jim Miller – Hawaiian Sunset

My trial run with my Lumix G85 was where every Coloradan who doesn’t snow ski would love to be in the dead of January–Hawai’i.

Truth be told, this was not planned as a photography trip. This was planned as a rest and relax trip. I did no planning for any photography work. About the only true planning we did other than plane and hotel reservations was making sure we made it to a luau. Otherwise it was free-form trip devoted primarily to relaxation.

But it is Hawai’i after all. And the Lumix G85 seemed like the perfect camera for the trip.

First, some logistical thoughts.

The Good: I had purchased an extra battery and an extra memory card before we left for the trip. That was a win.

The Bad: I also purchased a Domke 700-80D F-8 Small Shoulder Bag to carry the camera in. The bag, in and of itself, is fine. But it is too small for my liking to carry both the G85 and the extra lens. I will be looking for something slightly bigger.

Shooting Day 1 for the trip was the night of the Luau. Admittedly, I didn’t shoot much. Certainly not up to my multi-hundred shot days. Just 45 shots for the night. Most of the shots were of subjects I’d normally not put into the portfolio. Honestly, this was more about a night of enjoying the luau than trying to be a photographer. Of the shots, the sunset shot that leads this post was probably my favorite.

© Jim Miller – Paddle Board Silhouette

Shooting Day 2 for the trip was more about enjoying sunrise, sunset, and doing some street photography. For sunrise and sunset, my shooting partner and I ventured out to Fort DeRussy Beach. We found the views of Diamond Head from there to work well for sunrise and we had been out there the night before our luau for sunset on our journey to ensure that we knew where would pick up the tour bus for the luau.

Sunrise worked out well and I was happy with what the Lumix G85 provided for me. My favorite shot is the Paddle Board Silhouette above.

© Jim Miller – Celebrating Chinese New Year

Along the way back to Fort DeRussy Beach that evening, I took my hand at a little bit of street photography. This shot, minus the most minimal of cropping, is absolutely unmodified. I am very impressed at what the Lumix G85 gives me right out of the camera with no modifications. Colors are perfect. Sharpness was very acceptable. No noticeable distortion from the lens. Minus my cutting off a couple of feet on the right hand side of the frame, I am pleased with the shot.

© Jim Miller – Sunset and Sailboat Panorama

We did eventually make it to the beach for sunset. I made a number of shots. Some of the good. Some of them meh. An attempt to catch a couple of surfers paddling back in resulted in not so great shots, but it was the guy behind the camera that made the mistake and didn’t adjust well for the light.

But speaking of adjusting for the light, this is where the camera really sang. I was able to adjust the exposure nearly flawlessly to get the sunset I wanted and could see the results of my adjustments directly in the viewfinder. This is one of the strengths of the mirror-less cameras and one I’m really going to use a lot.

For the Sunset and Sailboats, the crop I like the most is the panoramic and/or wallpaper 16:9 orientation. I did have to remove more of the original than I would have wanted to because of lens length. But all in all I’m happy with it and it is in my normal rotation.

Truth be told, even now almost three months since we went out on the trip, I still have not added any of the images from these shooting days to the portfolio. Other things have gotten in the way. But hopefully in the next few weeks.

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