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Ohio Recap, RAW v. JPG (again…), and Photo Gear in Puddle Jumpers

September 23, 2011

I hope you enjoyed my series of photo shoot reports from Ohio.  Thanks once again to the Five Rivers Metroparks system and ODNR for some outstanding places to shoot.  Maybe someday I can get back to the Dayton area to hit all of the Natural parks in the Metropark system as well as spend some quality time at Caesar Creek State Park and Cowan Lake State park.  Someday…

I’m working on the first of two Mitchell Lake Audubon Center shoot reports which hopefully will be up tomorrow.  While you’re waiting, Outdoor Photographer has once again given life to the RAW v. JPG debate.  This debate has been brewing practically since the first wave of dSLRs came out that could do .JPG natively.  The article is very well written and explores the pros and cons in a way that both teaches and keeps the spitting match between the camps to a minimum.  Good quick two page read.

Art Morris, who is one of my favorite bird photographers (as well as having a very educational blog), has a quick blurb about how to travel with big quantities of photo gear on small planes.  He has vast quantities of experience with this, making trips to some of the more remote parts of the world.  But for those of us who fly in regional jet hell, this a great “print it and save it” resource for future trips.

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