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The Unmistakable Sound of Falling Behind

October 21, 2011
Ladderback Woodpecker

© - Ladder-backed Woodpecker

It can’t be Friday.  It was just Sunday and I was putting away the camera and leaving Pedernales Falls SP with a stack of images.  Oh… it is Friday.  Darned calendar.

It has been an ugly week.  Long days at the job that provides a lifestyle to my bride that she has become accustomed to.  Short opportunities to blog, keyword, and edit.  I’m about a third through the keywording of my trip to Pedernales Falls SP.  Once I get those images keyworded then I will cull a few images from the trip and write my blog post–it at least is outlined out.  However, more images are expected to be in the queue this weekend with a trip to an old favorite and a highly touted new site before I go on the DL for the next 4-6 weeks.  But hey, then I’ll have a chance to keyword all those images and start making prints 🙂

Thanks for stopping by.

About the Image:

A Ladder-backed Woodpecker (Picoides scalaris) on one of the many landing spots inside the blind at Pedernales Falls SP.  As you can see, the light was starting to get tricky but I think I did reasonably well.  I probably will spend additional time in Photoshop trying to dodge and burn to create a better image.

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