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Looking Back on the Holiday Weekend

November 28, 2011
Eastern Meadowlark

© - Eastern Meadowlark

Happy Cyber Monday to y’all.  For my friends in the States I hope that the holiday weekend was happy, restful, and/or enjoyable.

My holiday was all three, but I didn’t get nearly the amount of photography in that I wanted to.  Friday was devoted to family time and honestly it was probably the best day of the three to go out and make images.  I didn’t.  Finding balance…

Saturday morning was full of wet weather and then tasks started to take advantage of not being able to go out then trickled into the afternoon when it wasn’t too bad.

Sunday morning was cold, windy, and reasonably inhospitable to being out and about.  I did get a grand total of about one hour out and about Sunday afternoon and it was both enjoyable and noteworthy.  I had three additions to my various life lists with one bird and two butterflies added on Sunday afternoon.  I also got to try out an app that, along with my phone, will help me accurately geotag my images.  It is perhaps the best three dollars that I have spent in a long time.

So of course that means that there are at least 2 additional blog entries coming your way this next week.

Enjoy your Cyber Monday and I will be checking in again later in the week.

About the image:

This Eastern Meadowlark (Sturnella magna) was seen at Mitchell Lake Audubon Center on Sunday afternoon.  As was the theme of the weekend, here’s the most unobstructed view I’ve ever had of an Eastern Meadowlark and he has his back turned to me.  Figures, doesn’t it?  Still makes a pretty picture, though…

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