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Rolling over the (camera) Odometer

March 29, 2012
Empress Leilia Butterfly

© - Empress Leilia Butterfly

There is something magical about rolling over an odometer.  Resetting the count from the very end to immediately the very beginning.  I rolled over the odometer on the first car that I owned (which I will not mention here as it unfortunately is the answer to a security question or two on reasonably sensitive websites).  I had spent an enormous amount of hours with that car.  And because it had a manual transmission I was the only one who drove it.  So to see all of those miles melt in an instant was kinda cool.

I rolled over the camera equivalent of an odometer on my camera this past weekend.  While I rename each and every shot that I make into something more meaningful to me (day/year the image was made and the sequence number of shots for that day), the camera keeps count as well.  And while I was walking the trails at Mitchell Lake Audubon Center I went from IMG_9999 to IMG_0001.  The camera operating system doesn’t like the concept of IMG_0000 and that is okay.  Four zeroes are overrated.

For the record, it was an image of a skipper butterfly that will not see the light of day in this (or any other forum).

I’ll do a retrospective of the first 10K shots with the Canon 60D in the next couple of weeks.  But for now, it is time to work towards rolling the odometer again.  I have three or four spots I would like to go and the weather is supposed to be spectacular this weekend.

About the Image:
This Empress Leilia butterfly (Asterocampa leilia) was not the shot that rolled over the odometer.  But it was one of my best butterflies from the walk that involved the rolling over, so I’ve included it here. Technical specs: ISO 400, 1/320th at f/10. From the monopod.

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