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Left Behind

October 13, 2012
Familiar Bluet

© – Familiar Bluet

So I know that my hand surgery is coming.  And as such, I am preparing for it in odd ways.  Such as, I’m trying to become proficient in using my left hand to mouse with so I can do photo editing to capture the bounty of 2012 images I have while the cast is on my hand and later when the splint is back on my hand and I’m stuck in it.  As a very right hand dominant person, I can tell you that it is very odd to try to control the computer with the left hand.  I’m getting better at it, but it still feels incredibly weird.  The Yogi Berra quote (possibly incorrectly attributed) of “I would give my left arm to be ambidextrous” comes to mind here, but I’ve learned to be careful when using Yogi Berra quotes…

No shooting yet this weekend.  Well at least no shooting outside.  Family obligations had me inside today making images.  Sorry, nothing to share here–way out of the scope of this blog.  But I shot enough (and without benefit of tripod or monopod) that the hand feels horrible tonight.

I’m holding out hope for tomorrow.  Thunderstorms are predicted to be a morning visitor tomorrow tomorrow, possibly hanging around through most of the afternoon.  As cameras and heavy rain generally do not co-exist well together, I try to not to be out making images when liquid sunshine abounds.  If tomorrow gets rained out, then it isn’t a huge deal.  I have most of the following 7 days to do some serious shooting, minus some family obligations here and there.  I have a general plan of what will be on the menu, but undoubtedly something will pop up to change the plans a little bit.  I may try to check in sometime at mid-week…

About the Image:
This friendly neighborhood Familiar Bluet (Enallagma civile) was one of many that I saw on Monday when I was walking around Medina River Natural Area.  I was amazed, looking back at the images I have presented over the year that I did not have a single one amongst my images on the blog.  Standard Gear was employed.  No flash on this one, but it was mounted on the camera.  ISO 400, f/18 @ 1/125th.  I went with the smaller f/stop to deepen the depth of field to get all of the damselfly in focus at risk of bringing the background more into focus.  I went above and below this f/stop and I think this was the best result.  And yes, it was edited left-handed.

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  1. October 13, 2012 10:55 pm

    Hi Jim,
    u just reminded my childhood, where myself and my younger brother used catch these cute insects. When their count became more than 10-20, we used to leave them without hurting.. it was giving so much pleasure to us that time. now we brothers r working 1500km far from eachother, meet once or twice in a year… thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. October 14, 2012 11:05 am

    I injured my right hand 8 years ago, you’ll be surprised how fast you learn to do things with your left hand! I can do everything I could before with my right hand, except drawing. Good luck!

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