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Or Maybe So… And other news…

August 27, 2014

Iceland Review is reporting that the eruption may have started after all.  Or maybe it still hasn’t.  No major flooding.  No ash.  But the surface of the glacier has changed significantly.  Stay tuned.

I continue to receive surveys regarding Adobe’s Cash Cow, er, Creative Cloud.  I’m not sure how to read those tea leaves.  My guess is that they’re still not getting the body count they want for the photographer’s bundles and they’re seeing how they can tweak their message to rake in more money from the hold outs.  Tonight’s survey was unique in that it asked what standalone products I would consider buying in one question (of which Photoshop was an option), and then the next slide afterwards was which cloud subscription would you buy.  No, a cloud subscription is not a standalone product.  Talk about the chance for skewed data.

In other ramblings/discoveries, Corel’s After Shot Pro 2 product (a competitor to Adobe’s Lightroom), now apparently comes in two flavors of Linux.  I’ve downloaded the 30 day trial for Windows, but if I like it this might be the nudge I needed to move over to Linux full time and away from Adobe.

I’m hoping that the weekend will yield some time for photo processing and other frivolity.


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