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2021 Shooting Day #3 – Cook’s Slough Nature Park

April 14, 2021

As the sun rose the morning after our trip to the Rocking R6, neither my shooting companion nor I were rising very quickly. Our day was amazing and we were still very tired. We put off checking out about as long as we could without getting charged for another day and drove up to Uvalde.

Over sips of coffee we made the 75 minute trip up to our next destination, going over the great shots we had from the day before. My shooting companion was absolutely thrilled with the entire day and in the back of my mind I was already planning our return trip for 2022.

We got going too slowly to make it to our destination for the day, Cook’s Slough Nature Park for morning light. So we found some lunch, checked into the hotel a little early, snoozed a bit, and then headed out to the park in early afternoon.

It was here that we really got our first taste of how bad the Texas Freeze of 2021 had hurt the vegetation and those things that fed on the vegetation. In short: It was ugly.

We saw very few butterflies and only a couple of Rambur’s Forktail damselflies. Not a single dragonfly to be seen. A few birds here and there. But the landscape was severely hit by the freeze. Only a handful of recently emerged flowers. Lots of trees that looked like they had recently fallen. It was a mess.

Normally this time of year there would have been much to shoot at. I have a shoot from the same time in 2013 with a about 200 shots and about a dozen keepers. But it is tough to call this one a shooting day. 26 images. About half of them were of a specific cactus that my shooting companion wanted a shot of, but had the wrong lens for. Nothing really worth posting here, so I won’t.

Nature being nature. We kind of expected this, but I at least had some hopes. A bad day shooting is still better than a good day doing just about anything else. And my shooting companion really loved the large groves of cactus that are the norm for this park. They looked to have survived reasonably well.

I will look forward to the next trip out here. Maybe a little later in the year and maybe without a major ice storm in the couple of weeks before the visit.

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