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The Obligatory 2021 Recap

January 2, 2022
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I have been away from the blog for a couple of months now, but I did want to at least keep this streak of end of year recaps going.

The theme this year: The Year I Lost My Work/Life Balance.

As last year ended, I was in a new town with a new job. As this year ends I’m in the same town, but with a more lucrative but busier job. This new job started in June. Truth be told, my last job was starting to increase in intensity and silliness, too. I think one way or another, regardless of the job, my work/life balance was going to be shot.

Covid-19 still sucks. It continues to wreak havoc on our world. I really hoped that going into the new year and with a vaccine in the wings that the end was near. I was wrong. It touched my family with one of my adult children being hospitalized. Thankfully his stay was a short one and he is back at full strength, but it certainly brought the pandemic home. As the year ends, the Omicron variant is ripping through society. Hoping that 2022 will see increased vaccination rates, decreased infection rates, and a shared understanding that we’re going to have to learn how to live with this virus because it is not going to go away any time soon.

It has been a good year for photography. I managed 24 days in the field this year. Many more than last year. Twice a month on average, which isn’t bad. Especially considering the winter months in Colorado, at least for the photography I do, is not conducive to being out in the field. We’ll see what the new year presents. I don’t count in that number the two days of portraits I did for high school seniors for yearbook images. I will probably do a recap for the remaining 12 days of shooting as the new year starts and I find some extra time on my hands. Work/life balance. Again.

Getting images put into the portfolio was a different story. Last year I did really well. This year I only managed to add about 75 images to the portfolio. And the backlog got longer. Of 24 days of shooting, maybe three have been closed out. Work/life balance. Again. A bit of a broken record.

I’m hoping the work/life balance will be better next year. But aside from work, I know that there are a number of big projects coming. A house to be built. Maybe more responsibility at work. A planned trip to Texas in the spring that will only partially be photography related. A significant social event in October. It is going to be a busy year, and I only know about the things that I know about. Murphy has a wicked sense of humor.

But on the photographic side of things, there is the planned trip in the spring to Texas. The second year of the photo blind on the property with full-time water available. A few additional trips planned to add states to the “Lower 48 Portfolio” bucket list. Great big plans. And I’m hoping to execute them.

So good riddance 2021 and welcome 2022. Thank you for sticking with me. Lots of fun things planned for the new year.

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