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The 3,000 mile in(tro)spection

October 30, 2011

© - Bird in High Contrast

It is recommended that every 3,000 miles that you change the oil in your car.  At the same time, I was always taught that this is a good time to do a quick inspection of the car for things that might be amiss. While I was shooting at Cook’s Slough I noticed on my image odometer that I had just put 3,000 images in on the Canon 60D. And while I won’t be changing the oil any time soon, this is a good opportunity to both see how the camera has performed as well as how I have performed with the camera.

As far as the performance of the camera is concerned, I’m pretty darned pleased with my 60D. At 3,000 images I had only had to change the battery once. Pretty darn impressive if you ask me. As I write this I am closer to 4,000 images and I’m still happily working off that second battery.

Four-spotted Skimmer Male

© - Four-spotted Skimmer

ISO performance has been good, though honestly I haven’t spent much time anywhere other than ISO 200. This is a pretty dramatic change from my film days when we pretty much either shot 100 or 400 because 200 gave you minimal light performance gain as compared to shooting but gave you minimal decrease in grain as compared to 400. 200 has performance close to what 100 was on my last camera but I’ve yet to really need the extra speed that 400 would give me. So 200 is the default ISO I am using for now.

The only complaint that I have to date is occasionally I will get into a focusing situation where the camera just does not want to focus on what I want it to focus on. This is in spite of specific focusing points. This usually occurs when I’m shooting damselflies or dragonflies in very heavy grassy cover. This may be a bug rather than a feature, but I will continue to monitor in the next 3,000 images.

My performance, in my humble opinion, has been pretty good but not great. I made some serious rookie mistakes through the first 3,000 images and cost myself probably a half-dozen keepers.

So 3,000 miles in and all in all I’m pretty darned pleased. Can’t wait to see what the next 3,000 miles will bring since normally that’s when I rotate my tires.

About the Images:

I really can’t tell you much about the first image other than it was out at Mitchell Lake Audubon Center and it was a bird. This is awful close to what I got out of the camera and I was going for the back-lit reflection shot. Turned out pretty good, I think.

The other image is a male Four-spotted Skimmer (Brachymesia gravida) dragonfly, also shot at Mitchell Lake. Sure looks like fall is in the air.

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